About this Campaign

Reform Credit Unions is dedicated to calling attention to the critical need to examine and modernize the laws and regulations related to credit unions. These issues include certain credit unions:  

  • Not paying federal (and often state) income taxes, to the detriment of local communities  
  • Abandoning their original purpose and mission to serve low-income people 
  • Using their tax subsidies to buy banks and expand their market share in high-income communities  
  • Unfairly benefitting from lax oversight by federal and state regulators 
  • Avoiding appropriate Congressional oversight, as credit unions’ regulatory agency, the National Credit Union Administration, is not strongly regulated


All of this poses risks to local communities and economies, and contributes to unfair competitive advantages for large credit unions at the expense of smaller credit unions and community banks.


Reform Credit Unions believes that leveling the playing field—tax and regulatory parity—is of vital importance to all Americans, and most especially to the customers and supporters of small credit unions nationwide, who are under constant and increasing competitive pressure from large credit unions’ abuse of the existing legal and regulatory structure.