Rogue Credit Union Spends $2 Million for Naming Rights on Events Center

KDRV-TV reports that the city of Medford, Ore. says that Rogue Credit Union has accepted a $2.145 million offer for naming rights on a sports and events center, which will be dubbed the “Rogue Credit Union Community Complex” when it opens in 2023.

The brand-new center at Howard Memorial Sports Park will bear the Rogue Credit Union name upon its completion, City of Medford officials revealed, according to KDRV.

According to KDRV:

“The more than $2 million investment buys RCU exclusive signage both inside and outside of the building, Medford said — on a branded kiosk, a public ATM, and a customized splash pad featuring the RCU “Rogue Rangers” characters. RCU will also be able to take over the complex twice a year for “members-only days” and other company events.”

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